2017 INA Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey

This week the International Nanny Association Released their 2017 Salary Report. Take a look at the findings. Keep in mind that California and New York are above the hourly average in terms of salary.

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Key findings include:

  • Average hourly rate USD $19.14, up from $18.66 in 2014.
  • 52% have had a salary increase in prior 12 months, up from 38% in 2012.
  • Education and experience correlate with higher hourly wage.
  • 60% received an annual bonus in prior 12 months.
  • Nannies that have taken the INA Nanny Credential Exam and/or the INA Basic Skills Assessment get a higher hourly rate.
  • 64% are paid legally.

Regarding nanny benefits:

  • 75% of nannies receive paid vacation, up from 57% in 2014.
  • 76% receive “guaranteed pay” when the family does not need them up from 71% in 2014.
  • 17% receive health insurance, full (7%) or partial (10%).

Additional Findings:

  • Fewer nannies 23%, are being placed by traditional, brick and mortar nanny referral agency, down from 39% in 2014.
  • A slight increase to 69% have written work agreements, over 67% in 2014.


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