Typically a personal assistant is thought of as someone who is a secretary or administrative assistant working for a particular person in a business or corporate setting.  Many individuals and/or families also have personal assistants, who are sometimes referred to as household managers in a domestic setting, to assist with daily or weekly activities and tasks.  A personal assistant in a domestic setting is basically an extra set of hands to help keep a family’s life and household running smoothly.  So, why have a personal assistant in Orange County?  What are the benefits of one?  As I have already alluded to, a personal assistant is there to help you with various household duties such as errands, maintenance, and een simple administrative tasks.

Many individuals and families have very busy lives.  Whether they are spending their time working or caring for their family.  Often taking care of the important things in life (family, children, work, etc.) leaves little time to take care of those pesky little things that need to be done such as grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning.  While the household errands are necessary to keep a household running smoothly, they are rarely the best use of your time.  Spending time taking your children to the park or the beach, or taking that client meeting or call will almost certainly provide more value both from a standard of living and financial perspective.  Getting someone to help out with the household errands will free you up so that you can spend your time doing things that will provide more value in your and your family’s life.

Personal assistants in Orange County are not just for running those household errands.  Many are also accustomed to scheduling and handling household maintenance (cable company, plumber, electrician, handyman, etc.).  Rather than spending your afternoon waiting for the cable company to
show up between 12pm and 4pm (only for them to arrive at 6pm), you can have your assistant can not only schedule the appointment, but wait for them to arrive.  They can further maximize their time, and make your life easier, by tackling household organizational projects while they wait.

It is also not uncommon for the role of a personal assistant to evolve to include certain administrative tasks such as booking family travel.  In fact, many personal assistants also help out with simple administrative things that may need to be done for work such as expense reports, and depending upon their experience even things like invoicing and billing for small business owners.

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