Finding Peace as a Mom

I recently had the opportunity to have dinner with a group of my girlfriends that I am inspired by, find confidence in, and simply laugh a lot with.  We all have kids at different ages and do the normal chatter about what is happening with the kids, parenting, our careers, and the ups and downs of life.  This usually takes months to get scheduled and is a big effort for all of us but I always walk away with something for myself and a smile on my face.  As a mother of three boys I am always craving girl time and require that recharge on a regular basis.  I am so grateful to have so many interesting (and I personally think impressive) women in my life.

What I learn every time is that we all struggle to find our purpose, be the best mother, have our our internal emotional struggles with how to handle things, and most important we all are striving to find ways to bring ourselves peace.  Whether it be with relationships, work, or kids it is hard to find the time to create balance.

I am sharing this very meaningful podcast with you most important as a mother.  My friend Sheel Seidler who is a Kundalini Guru in La Jolla, CA teaches this practice at Buddi Yoga La Jolla.  In this podcast she shares her experience with Kundalini, how her personal life experiences led her to this practice, and the impact Kundalini has had on her life during her sobriety.  Over dinner that evening I was sharing with the ladies my ritual of daily walks and listening to podcasts and Sheel shared the she recently was a guest on Yoga for Balance with Heather Gjerge.  It is well worth 30 minutes to learn. Maybe take a walk like I do each day…set a time to simply listen and you will connect with her sharing on some level that is meaningful to you.

Click here to listen to Yoga for Balance Podcast, Kundalini Yoga, Sobriety and Motherhood with Jai Guru Sheel

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