How to Make the Most of Your Summer Time Nanny in Orange County

So it’s summertime, and you have several family vacations and outings planned…  now the question is what to do about the nanny as there are going to be several times over the summer when you just don’t have enough childcare hours to meet her weekly guarantee, not to mention the extra down time she will have as the children will be engaged in several other summertime activities.  What to do?  While it goes without saying, or rather it should, that a nanny’s primary responsibility is care of the children, there are many other things that a nanny in Orange County can do to help out when the children are not around.

You know that list of “To Do’s” that you are forever trying to get on top of?  It’s time to have a look at it and delegate some of those items to your nanny!  Think about how much time downtime the nanny will have, and delegate accordingly.  When they only have an hour or so, it’s probably best to limit your list to quick errands, however if you are going to be out of town for the week, you can have a look at having her work on a much bigger household project, like organizing the pantry and children’s play room.  Following are just a couple of ideas on non-childcare related duties you can ask your nanny for help with:

  • Grocery shopping, errands, picking out/up gifts for children’s birthday parties, etc.
  • The family laundry.
  • Organizational projects such as organizing the kitchen, pantry, children’s play area, children’s bedrooms, closets, etc.
  • Taking the cars to get washed.
  • House and pet sitting while out of town.
  • Research on fun and/or educational activities for the children.
  • Coordinating household maintenance (e.g. calling the plumber)

Many of our clients have found suggestions such as this helpful for their nanny’s in Orange County, and we hope you do as well.

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