I contacted Stacie from Crunch Care to get help finding a nanny for my twins. After learning of their finders fee structure, I realized that I could not afford their services. Even though I did not go with Crunch Care, the owner, Stacie, contacted me and gave me some tips and advice to help me find a nanny on my own. Her advice was SO helpful and truly invaluable. She told me what I should look for in a candidate, what the going rate is for top notch nannies, and how to conduct interviews. The nanny finding process I went through was very overwhelming with over 60 resumes for one position in about 2 weeks. Since I am not an expert, there were many times I thought I should just hire Crunch Care since it would be so much easier and they know what to look for. After all, I needed a great nanny for my kids! I found a nanny on my own and Stacie agreed to run a full background check for me. I would highly recommend Crunch Care. They were helpful, professional, and really want you to find a good match for your family.

Jamie Y., San Diego