Night Nannies and Baby Nurses – A (New) Mom’s Best Friend

If you’re a new parent or have a baby on the way, you are probably dealing with a lot of unknowns and changes to your routine. The baby has unpredictable waking and sleeping times. You’re trying to learn what each of the baby’s cries mean, when the baby is hungry, wet, tired, in pain or just wants to be cuddled and loved. Crunch Care can help new parents find a well suited night nanny to assist you during the first few weeks to months after birth.

Why You Need A Night Nanny

The night nanny or baby nurse can help ease the transition from being a couple to being new parents. The night nanny looks after the newborn, feeding and changing him/her while she is assessing the baby’s day-to-day health.

The night nanny also provides emotional support and encouragement to you as new parents as you get used to new roles. If you are living far away from your families, having a night nanny will be even more crucial in those first days and weeks when you don’t have the support of grandparents living nearby.

Learn from a Night Nanny

As a new parent, you may feel overwhelmed by how to structure your day when the baby arrives home.  Should the baby be swaddled? How do you get the baby on a schedule? How do you take care of a male baby’s circumcision? What is good umbilical cord care?

It is in these times that a baby nurse can provide some of her most-needed help.  She can sit down and discuss any questions, fears or concerns that you as new parents may have. Even better, should the baby be showing any signs of illness, the night nanny or baby nurse can spot these (diaper rash, colic, feeding problems) and alert you so you can call the pediatrician for more specialized advice and/or treatment.


Qualifications of a Night Nanny

A good night nanny or baby nurse typically holds a certification as a registered nurse, a licensed vocational nurse or as a Doula. Because she is going to be responsible for taking care of a new life, Crunch Care will insist on seeing the license or certificate before presenting you with an option for a night nanny or baby nurse. Hiring Crunch Care to do all of the background checks on a night nanny’s qualifications will give you peace of mind and help you rest easier when your bundle of joy arrives. Don’t delay, call Crunch Care today to begin the process of finding a night nanny, you will be so glad you did! 877-553-4231


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