San Diego Nanny Agency Bonus Recommendations

Nanny and domestic employee bonuses will slightly vary depedning on where you live but a good general rule of thumb as an employer is paying one additoinal week of salary to your household or domestic employee.  It is typical for a Full Time Nanny or domestic employee in San Diego to receive a bonus of approximately $700-1000k and a Part Time Nanny or domestic employee in San Diego to receive a $250-500 bonus.

Every family handles this time of year difffenetly. Sometimes employers find that gifting extra vacation time is a nice option where as some families think a gift certificate or actual gift is the best approach. Every Nanny or domestic employee has a different relationship with their employer. There is no set requirement typically and holiday bonus time is very much a discretionary gift.

For a Nanny or domestic employee that really stands out they may be rewarded in more than one way.  It is typical upon offer to lay out expectations regarding holiday bonus in an offer letter. Included in this blog post is a link to the International Nanny Associations web site for further reference at This organization offers great guideline for what to include in an offer letter or Nanny contract.

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