We are not just looking for new clients but always recruiting nannies to be the most robust agency in San Diego.

Do you know what a nanny agency in San Diego does behind the scenes?

One of the things we are always trying to do at Crunch Care is find new talent for our clients. We are constantly recruiting for a variety of positions typically bringing in about 7-12 new nannies a week. About 80% of what we do here is child care related and 20% we consider other. The ÔÇťother: portion of our business is Personal Assistants, Housekeepers, and other domestic helpers. People always ask how our we find the nannies and domestic staff we choose to represent. We recruit through a variety of methods including:

  • Internet ads
  • Corporate care.com account
  • High ranking website traffic
  • Relationships with local universities (mainly for graduate or nursing students)
  • Relationships with schools
  • Relationships with medical offices
  • Referrals via clients and candidates
  • Print advertisement

There is no science to finding amazing talent. It is simply a process that is never ending and we are constantly talking to people in the community. As a local nanny service in San Diego we try to maintain relationships with as many community oriented organizations that we can. We advise our recruits that we want to grow with them in their career over the years and not simply place them once and forget about them. A nanny service that does not develop their relationships is wasting their resources and doing a disservice in the community.

For more information about Crunch Care of Southern California, contact www.crunchcare.com.

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